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For over 36 years the Sydney Etiquette College has developed a reputation as a highly successful modeling agency and finishing school in Sydney. Sydney Etiquette College offers many courses in modelling, behavior, respect, social, table and telephone etiquette to suit all people in all walks of life, including teenagers who attend university & and teenagers who would like to attend school holiday workshops, from 13 years of age.  

School groups benefit from a one day workshop with subjects of their teachers’ and parents’ choice. Sydney Etiquette College offers private tuition for those males and females in the corporate world, who need to brush up on their table etiquette and office manners. Sydney Etiquette College also offers advice to the bridal party and family. Feel free to contact Sydney Etiquette College with any enquiries.

Sydney Etiquette College - Testimonial from Little Pattie

"Val Edwards’ energy, passion and commitment to her Sydney Etiquette College are qualities which are much admired and respected by her many clients and students.

For over 20 years its been my pleasure to see the continued success of her wonderful organisation. Val’s wealth of experience has enabled her to impart her vast knowledge to those who wish to 'be the very best they can be'.

I have seen people of all ages, from all walks of life, truly benefit from Val’s courses and workshops. May Val Edwards continue to be an integral part of the world of fashion and etiquette.”

- Tricia, "Little Pattie" – Legendary Australian Singer

"I completed the Sydney Etiquette Course in 2004, when I was thirteen years old. The course taught me valuable life skills, such as how to walk, talk and act with respect, manner and grace, as well as modeling skills in catwalk, print and TVCs. Sydney Etiquette College have also provided me with exciting film and photo shoot opportunities, such as Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the Packer-Murdoch documentary ‘Power Games’. 

I also gained work doing photo shoots for fashion labels like ‘Wild Pony’ - launched at Sydney Fashion Week in 2006, and Canon’s ‘Orbis’ launch. Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to accompany Val to many fantastic events and shows over the years, most recently the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. I am now working full-time in marketing, and still value the life lessons Val taught me so many years ago.

I highly recommend the course to all girls and boys (especially aspiring models!) who are interested in learning skills that will be significantly useful throughout their lives."

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